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Can People with AD Develop Diabetes?

Dear Ageless Design, Can an Alzheimer’s patient develop Diabetes Insipidus as a result of Alzheimer’s Disease and cell death in the pituitary gland? My mother just recently started having polyuria, which began at approximately 2 AM and is continuing throughout the day. Thank you, P Dear P, I have referred your question to one of the most respected experts in the field of Alzheimer’s, Dr. Alan McCutcheon in Australia.æ He also has a web site you might want to visit [...]

Stair Lifts

Dear Ageless Design,I take care of my grandfather, who is a stroke survivor. He is very dependent on me but I’m only 22 years old and I must finish school. He can’t afford a full time caregiver and my grandmother can’t do everything for him. Can you recommend a reasonably priced stair lift for 36-inch wide switch-back stairs in a residential home? Signed, J. Dear J,It sounds like you really have your hands full. Following are the names of a [...]

Stair Lifts and Glides

Dear Ageless Design,We are looking for a chair glide, the chair you can ride up and down the stairs. Jan Dear Jan,Stair lifts or stair glides are great products for those who need assistance going up and down the stairs. There are several manufacturers and your best bet is to call them and simply ask for the name and number of the representative in your area. Here are some names andnumbers to call: Access Industries (800) 925-3100 Bruno (800) 882-8183 [...]

Stuck in the Bathtub

Dear Ageless Design,My 92-year old mother called today very upset. Last night she couldn’t get out of the bath tub. She was stuck there for two hours until her neighbor, who checks on her regularly, found her. What can we do to help? Very Clean Dear Very Clean,I’m sure this was very upsetting for your mother. Bathing should not be inhibited by an inability to get in and out of the tub for anyone. The answer may be very simple. [...]

Senile Dementia and Driving

Dear Ageless Design,I have been diagnosed with senile dementia and would like to know everything there is to know that might help me in my life. It has been suggested that I give up my car, but I don’t want to do that. I would prefer to just curtail my driving and use back roads for safety. How does a person know when he should quit driving? I don’t want to hurt anyone but I feel like I’m being “shut [...]

Mom Has AD! Where Do We Start?

Dear Ageless Design, My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s this week, through the Memory Disorder Clinic in our area. I’m looking for information to help her, my three brothers and I see all of us through this. She will be put on Aricept for 6 months, followed by a mental test to determine its effectiveness. HELP! C. Dear C, I am so sorry to hear the news of your mother’s diagnosis. Hardly a day goes by without a message like [...]

Baby Monitors vs. Intercoms

Dear Ageless Design,My mother has Alzheimer’s disease, and I was wondering if you were aware of an inexpensive intercom system that would allow me to hear her if she wakes up in the night. I have used a baby monitor but find it noisy, and I would like something better. Signed, A. Dear A: I understand your concern about the baby monitor. Many people use them to monitor their family members, even though they can sometimes hear the dog breathing [...]

Wanting to Go Home

Dear Ageless Design,My mother has lived with my family for 20 years. I have two sisters who call every day. Recently, when they called and asked for me, she told them I was at work and some girl was with her. For the rest of the day and into the night she wanted to go home and wouldn’t believe she was home. How do I guide her through this stage? Because I have been her caregiver, I thought she would [...]

Accepting that Dad has AD

Dear Ageless Design,I am trying to help a family deal with its grief over the fact that their father is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. Any articles or ideas would be appreciated. They are understandably angry, cry a lot, find it very difficult to see their loved one in this condition and tend to focus their anger on the facility staff caring for him. I am trying to help them accept and enjoy the present with their father. Thank [...]

Symptoms of AD

Dear Ageless Design,My mother is 54 years old and concerned that she is suffering from symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. She recently had a bout with cervical cancer and had a complete hysterectomy but she still has many symptoms that her current health care providers can’t explain, such as hair loss, memory loss and severe fatigue. It has been about 6 months since her surgery, so if these symptoms are related they should have passed by now. Can you tell me [...]